Three Simple MHE Upgrades to Boost Warehouse Performance in 2024

Warehousing and logistics is a game of speed, volume and efficiency. So, what are the three MHE upgrades that leading warehouse operators and logistics managers are racing to implement in 2024 to boost performance of their operations?

Performance is a word we hear a lot in the context of professional sporting events, including the Australian Grand Prix. Unlike many other sporting disciplines which rely mostly on human performance, Formula 1 combines technology and human skill. This makes it similar to how we need to think about materials handling equipment in the warehousing context.

While a major change and major investment is sometimes required to take a business to the next level, often it is a small shift, a minor upgrade, that can make a big difference to business performance.

Boosting performance primarily requires a shift in thinking about how we are currently doing things. Then, we can find and consider ways of making small changes to improve inefficient activities.

So, here are three simple and importantly, inexpensive equipment upgrades that can seriously transform any warehouse performance without a serious cost by improving operational speed, capacity and safety.

1. Replace any Ladders with the ergonomic agility of an Electric Access Vehicle, like the Big Joe, Joey Zero.

Why? Safety of your staff should be a good enough reason. However, the bottom line is that getting rid of ladders in a warehouse or storeroom means moving more goods faster, higher, easier and with greater employee satisfaction.

2. Replace that heavy Manual Jack with the effortless, clean power of an LPJ33 Pallet Jack.

Why? Even though that old manual jack is still working, it’s increasingly more important for warehouse managers to consider employee satisfaction and not just safety. An agile and easily manoeuvrable electric pallet jack will ace performance in the storeroom, warehouse and as a lift-gate truck equipment for safer and more efficient deliveries.

3. Go bold. Leapfrog the entire Materials Handling Equipment class with an electric S22 Walkie Stacker.

What’s happening here? With the S22 Walkie Stacker, you have just seriously upgraded your warehouse. Now you have the safe, easy maneuverability of an electric pallet jack, with the lifting power of a small counterbalance forklift – at a fraction of the cost and NO need for a forklift license. How great is that?!

To explore these and other options to save cost and boost warehouse productivity, talk to our helpful team on: 134 234.

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