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Lithium Pallet Jack LPJ33 – Overview

The Lithium Pallet Jack LPJ33 is the next generation of pallet trucks from Big Joe Forklifts. Boasting multiple patents it is packed with innovative features. For those looking to improve productivity, efficiency and saving costs, look no further. The pallet jack LPJ33, features the revolutionary maintenance-free lithium battery that delivers up to 3 hours of operation. Leveraging the opportunity charging capability, your LPJ33 can work all day long. Lifting goods up to 1500kg to the height of 191mm, LPJ33 pallet jack is light and easy to operate with a DC pump and chrome plated cylinder for smooth and efficient lifting.

Pallet Jack LPJ33 – the Top Choice in these Industries

The unique combination of lifting capacity, exceptional maneuverability and Li-ion power, make the Big Joe LPJ33 from ISS Equipment, a hard to beat choice for many industries we serve:

  • Food manufacturing and wholesale
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
  • Retail and wholesale
  • E-Commerce – especially on-truck deliveries
  • Medical industries (e.g. hospitals)

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Lithium Pallet Jack LPJ33 Lithium Pallet Jack LPJ33 Powerhead Pallet Jack LPJ33 power head and button

Lithium Pallet Jack LPJ33 features:

  • Easy exchange lithium-ion battery with on-board charger
  • Polyurethane tyres make it suitable for all surfaces, with optional traction drive tire available.
  • Forks: designed for use with standard 1220mm pallets without the need for wearable rollers.
  • Ergonomic control head housing tilt, lift and lower functions with operator controls designed for easy operation with either hand without the need to lift the hand from the loop handle due to a “belly button reversing switch”.
  • The low-mounted tiller arm provides operator comfort with minimum steering effort.
  • Removable covers and modular design enables easy maintenance with simple hand tools.
  • Electromechanical brake provides efficient stopping power.

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