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Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

We help you protect your People, Business, and Brand Reputation.

Pallet Racking inspections throughout Australia

ISS Equipment, as an experienced supplier of pallet racking systems is ideally positioned to provide qualified, pallet racking safety inspections. We regularly provide pallet racking safety inspection for customers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and inbetween. For us, racking safety is not just about compliance. It is a philosophy of designing warehouse systems with safety in mind. And while safety is about health and wellbeing of people, it is also a critical element of your business success as it affects your business and brand reputation.


Pallet Racking Inspection is a periodic audit, conducted by a qualified expert, that ensures the ongoing safety of your pallet racking system. Racking Safety Inspection is a legal compliance for facilities using pallet racking, required under relevant state and national work safety regulations.

Racking systems, when well designed and professionally installed and used as per safe load signage, should never fail. But if they do, the consequences can be grave. And it may not just be lost time, damaged goods and business disruption. Racking system failure may result in an irreplaceable loss of life or destroy many lives through major injury.

Common sense suggests that prevention is better than cure. This is why at ISS Equipment we consider Pallet Racking Safety Inspection one of our most important services. We help you save cost and lives with regular Safety Auditing as well as our safety signage and accessories to prevent incidents.

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Consistency & Compliance:

Depending on your industry, most audits only need to be done annually. Once you sign the service agreement, ISS Equipment will schedule a racking inspection window for the same time every year. This ensures that your company meets the compliance requirements, and the racking systems are always safe.


We work with a range of companies from a single warehouse operation to complex national organizations with facilities in all states, including remote locations.

We work closely with your site manager and area managers for multiple sites, to schedule the time that suits everyone. With focus on conducting our audit with no disruptions to your operations, we ensure that your key personnel are involved and available at their convenience.

Reporting Transparency:

ISS Equipment offers customised reporting via exclusive, secure online Client Log-in portal for any number of geographically dispersed locations across Australia. The portal holds our reports, photos, site plans and Compliance Certificate for the period. This information is accessible to all authorised personnel in your organization to ensure they can meet their own responsibilities, including company auditors.

This central reporting system not only enables site managers and regional managers to have access to the current information. It also allows safety managers to be informed about the organization’s safety compliance status.

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