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Light Duty Cantilever Racking Melbourne

ISS Equipment is a trusted supplier of Light Duty Cantilever systems in Melbourne.  Light Duty Cantilever is a highly versatile storage solution used for easy access and storing long and bulky, lightweight items.

It is ideal for hand-stacked materials in workshops, small yards and factory storerooms. It is also a great solution for a trade business looking to store a stock of long materials for easy, instant access.

Light Duty Cantilever systems for sale from ISS Equipment are made from high-quality structural steel to meet the prescribed strength and durability for your application.

Our Light Duty Cantilever offers unlimited adjustability through the storage arms and is fast and easy to assemble. And, with cost-effective pricing, light-duty cantilever racking is a very attractive storage solution.

Light Duty Cantilever Racking Melbourne

Popular Sizes of Light-Duty Cantilever

The following chart of popular sizes of Light Duty Cantilever systems for sale from ISS Equipment are guidelines only as specific configurations will be designed to fit your application.

Column HeightsColumn Spacings C/CArm Length
2000mm900mm700mm (450kgs)
2400mm1200mm900mm (290kgs)
3000mm1500mm1200mm (270kgs)

Important Considerations For Light-Duty Cantilever Racking

It’s important to understand that every warehouse configuration is unique and requires engineering and design to suit your specific products. Even if you think your stored products are lightweight and there is not a lot of forklift traffic, safety is still the key consideration for Light Duty Cantilever.

The customisation and adjustability of your cantilever storage will not cost more when due diligence is applied at the design and quoting stage. However, it is likely to save you costs and prevent accidents that may hurt people of damage products.

Our expert team at ISS Equipment will design your heavy-duty cantilever system for optimised efficiency, safety and durability.

Benefits of Light Duty Cantilever Racking

  • Excellent storage space optimisation.
  • Improves stock management
  • Improves personal and product safety by storing goods off the ground.
  • Super-easy to assemble with high configuration flexibility.
  • Improved warehouse efficiency and safety.

Are you getting the best performance and storage efficiency from your warehouse?

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