Warehouse racking Melbourne

Warehouse Racking Melbourne

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Warehouse Storage Solutions Melbourne

Getting complete warehouse solutions from one source can add a major boost to optimise your warehouse operations. When your business depends on warehouse efficiency to drive revenue and profitability, the right storage system optimised with the right materials handling equipment makes all the difference.

A good supplier with expertise across both, storage systems and forklifts is an invaluable productivity partner who can help you achieve desired outcomes and save you a lot of time dealing with multiple providers.

ISS Equipment is a one-stop-shop supplier of holistic warehouse solutions and a trusted productivity partner for businesses across Australia. ISS Equipment provides 360-degree services and support for all Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking and Shelving systems, complete with a comprehensive range of electric and lithium forklift equipment.

Industrial Shelving Consulting Melbourne

Warehouse storage is a major business decision, both in terms of immediate cost and long-term performance. You can’t easily return or exchange it if you’ve made a mistake in selecting a supplier, or ensuring the design is optimal for your products, equipment or future expansion.

We respect that. This is why ISS Equipment offers FREE initial consultation where we can establish mutual understanding and trust.

No matter how small your warehouse operation, it still requires professional measure and consideration of your business requirements beyond the physical space of your facility.

At ISS Equipment we are prepared to meet with you and your team and discuss a perfect solution for you.

Warehouse Racking And Shelving Solutions Melbourne by ISS Equipment

Warehouse Storage Design

Warehouse efficiency and productivity starts with effective storage design, comprising knowledge, quality materials and safe installation as well as the right materials handling equipment. Therefore, the most critical factor in your success is a trusted Supplier with expertise and knowledge of both racking and  shelving systems and materials handling equipment.

Our team at ISS Equipment will design and engineer your tailored, effective storage solution.

At ISS Equipment we provide a considered warehouse storage design that will add new efficiency, safety and savings to your warehouse operations. Transparent CAD design drawings will show you exactly what you are getting.

Our design takes into consideration:

  • Type of Products Stored
  • Floor and Vertical Space
  • Handling Equipment Required
  • Safety–People & Products
  • Budget
Racking Melbourne

Warehouse Storage Installation and Maintenance

Once the design is approved, and your racking product is ready, we can move onto installation.

The ISS Equipment racking installation team comprises experienced trades personnel, with in-depth knowledge of racking and shelving systems. They will skilfully and efficiently install your storage, with minimum or no disruptions to your business and full compliance with safety standards.

Once your racking systems and longspan shelfing is professionally designed and installed, and used within the load parameters, the maintenance, unlike forklift service, isn’t usually required.

Any maintenance or repair issues, that occur because of physical damage, which should be instantly addressed, should be identified during a periodic compliance-regulated Pallet Racking Inspection. Our specialist team addresses required repairs when needed based on reports or emergencies.

Warehouse storage installation and maintenance in Melbourne by ISS Equipment

Pallet Racking Safety Inspection Melbourne

To ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your pallet racking system, ISS Equipment the specialist service of Pallet Racking Safety Inspection audits. Racking inspection is part of standard compliance for facilities using pallet racking, required under relevant state and national work safety regulations.

But racking safety is not just about compliance. Common sense suggests that prevention is better than cure. When things go wrong in the warehouse, it’s not only workflow and cost of goods that’s affected. It can even result in an irreplaceable loss of life or destroy someone’s life through injury.

This is why at ISS Equipment we consider Pallet Racking Safety Inspection one of our most important services.

We help you save cost and lives with regular Safety Auditing as well as our safety signage and accessories to prevent incidents.

ISS Equipment offers Customised Reporting via exclusive, secure online Client Log-in portal for any number of geographically dispersed locations across Australia.

Pallet Racking Safety Inspection Melbourne

Warehouse Relocation

Sometimes a business outgrows its current facility or makes a strategic decision to move to a better location. ISS Equipment provides a convenient warehouse relocation service.

The process is essentially the same as for new storage design. It starts with measure and quote. We can use the architectural drawings of your new warehouse if available, especially if the new warehouse is still under construction.

Relocation usually involves the decision about your existing/old racking and shelving systems. Whether you decide to re-use your old system or invest in a fresh solution,  we are happy to work with your decision.

As part of our warehouse relocation service we offer our customers an opportunity to buy-back your old racking as a trade-in. This makes it even more viable to invest in a new, better warehouse system.

Warehouse relocation Melbourne by ISS Equipment

8 Reasons To Choose ISS Equipment

  • Responsive at every stage from a Free measure and quote to delivery and service.
  • Transparent Quotes complete with CAD design.
  • Convenient Finance Option: Hire, Rent or Buy.
  • Professional Racking Safety Auditing.
  • Special needs: Relocations and Trade-in.
  • FREE expert advice for better and safer decisions.
  • Lifetime product warranty for racking (with regular safety audits).
  • Extended product warranty on our forklifts.

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