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High reach forklifts can increase the ROI of your floor space.

ISS Equipment’s high reach forklift and high lift forklift range includes reliable, clean, electric high-reach forklifts for sale and hire in Melbourne / Dandenong. Our high lift forklift range includes: stand-on high-reach forklifts and sit-down high reach forklifts. Our range of new and used high-reach forklifts ensures that you will find the best high reach forklift for your application and also the best value.

ISS Equipment designs and installs very narrow aisle pallet racking which means we are ideally placed to provide you with high-performance narrow aisle high reach trucks that will maximise your warehouse performance.


High reach Forklifts

Nichiyu: Lift your warehouse productivity by lifting up to 3000kg at a time or up to 10m in height. Nichiyu standard and short wheelbase reach trucks are ideal for space saving narrow aisles. Designed and built with Japanese precision and commitment to quality that lasts, Nichiyu is a leader in electric forklift technology.

Big Joe: Cost-effective, reliable high lift and high reach forklifts. Big Joe is a trusted brand with 70 years in the industry.

In Australia, different types of reach forklifts are available, such as stand-up, sit-down, double-deep, and straddle reach trucks. The right choice depends on aisle width, storage height, and the type of loads you handle. Stand-up reach trucks are for narrow aisles and high-density storage, while sit-down reach trucks offer comfort for longer shifts. Double-deep reach trucks maximize storage capacity, and straddle reach trucks handle bulky or irregular-shaped loads.

When choosing a reach forklift, several key features should be considered. These include the maximum lift height, load capacity, aisle width requirements, battery type and capacity for electric models, ergonomic design for operator comfort, safety features such as stability controls and visibility enhancements, and the type of power source (electric, diesel, or LPG). These specifications ensure that the forklift can efficiently meet your operational needs.

Lithium-ion powered Reach Forklifts are often considered the best option, especially for modern, efficiency-focused operations. They offer fast charging times, significantly reducing downtime, which is particularly beneficial in multi-shift operations where forklifts need to be in continuous use.

The Big Joe Lithium-ion reach trucks are powered by maintenance-free batteries, reducing the labour cost associated with maintaining lead-acid batteries. Additionally, they provide an eco-friendly solution with zero emissions, aligning with sustainability goals and indoor air quality standards.

Despite having a higher initial cost, lithium-ion forklifts often become more cost-effective over time due to long-term savings in maintenance, fuel, and battery replacement. They provide consistent power throughout their charge cycle, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

In Australia, reach forklifts are classified based on their reach height and weight capacity, which are essential factors for determining their suitability for various warehouse operations. Here are the typical reach height and weight categories for reach forklifts.

ISS Equipment supplies Reach Truck forklifts in Mid-Level to High-Level reach and Light- to Medium-Duty (weight) capacity. These offer ideal performance and cost combinations to Small and Medium Warehouse operations in Australia.

  1. Reach Height Categories:
    • Low-Level Reach Trucks: These can reach up to around 5 meters (16 feet) and work well in warehouses with lower racking systems where there is little vertical storage space.
    • Mid-Level Reach Trucks: These trucks can reach heights from approximately 5 to 9 meters (16 to 30 feet). They are versatile for medium-height racking configurations and are commonly used in warehouses with varying storage needs.
    • High-Level Reach Trucks: These trucks reach heights typically exceeding 9 meters (30 feet), reaching up to around 12 meters (40 feet) or more. They are designed for warehouses with high-density storage racks and efficiently maximize vertical storage capacity.
  2. Weight Capacity Categories:
    • Light-Duty Reach Trucks: These trucks have a weight capacity of up to approximately 1.5 to 2.5 tonnes (1500 to 2500 kilograms). They are suitable for handling lighter loads and are often used in smaller warehouses or retail environments.
    • Medium-Duty Reach Trucks: Medium-duty reach trucks can handle loads from approximately 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes (2500 to 3500 kilograms), balancing capacity and maneuverability for versatile warehouse applications.
    • Heavy-Duty Reach Trucks: These trucks can handle weights of over 3.5 tonnes (3500 kilograms) and can manage loads of 5 tonnes or more. They are designed for tough industrial environments where big and heavy loads must be handled efficiently.

To quickly find a Reach Truck for your specifications, check out these models: Seated Reach Trucks, Stand-on High Reach Forklifts.

What are the two most popular types of reach forklifts that best suit different warehouse situations or layouts?

Different types of reach forklifts are designed to accommodate various warehouse layouts and operational needs. Here's a breakdown of which type typically suits which warehouse situation or layout best:

  • Stand-Up Reach Trucks: The stand-up reach trucks are particularly suitable for warehouses with narrow aisles and high-density storage setups. Their design allows for excellent maneuverability in compact spaces, making them perfect for maximizing the storage capacity in vertical spaces. These trucks are efficient for operators who need to navigate closely positioned racking systems while sustaining high productivity.
  • Sit-Down (or Sit-On) Reach Trucks: Sit-Down (or Sit-On) Reach Trucks are ideal for warehouses where operators need to cover longer distances or spend extended periods on the forklift. With comfortable seating, these trucks ensure that operators can work for longer periods without feeling fatigued, ultimately boosting productivity. They are especially valuable in settings where efficiency and operator comfort are top priorities.
    It's essential to choose the right type of reach forklift based on factors like aisle width, storage rack height, types of handled loads, and the warehouse's operational environment. When businesses match the forklift type to their warehouse layout and requirements, they can improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in their material handling operations.

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring peak performance and a long lifespan for reach forklifts. This involves daily checks by operators and scheduled servicing by qualified technicians. Maintenance tasks typically include inspecting and servicing components like batteries (for electric models), hydraulic systems, brakes, tires, and ensuring overall structural integrity. Adhering to manufacturer guidelines and scheduling regular maintenance not only helps prevent breakdowns but also extends the forklift's lifespan.

Small warehouse operations often opt for maintenance-free Lithium-ion powered forklifts and reach trucks due to the high cost of maintenance. These Li-ion reach trucks are equipped with maintenance-free batteries, leading to significant cost savings and prolonged equipment lifespan.

The lifespan of a reach forklift can differ depending on how it’s used, maintained, and operated, but it generally falls between 8 and 10 years with proper care. Warranty options vary by manufacturer and supplier but usually cover parts and sometimes labour for a specific period. It's crucial to carefully review the warranty details and exclusions before making a purchase.

In Australia, reach forklifts need to adhere to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations and meet Australian Standards for design, construction, and safe operation. Operators must undergo proper training and certification to ensure they can operate reach forklifts safely. It's vital to uphold these standards to promote workplace safety.

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