Push Back Pallet Racking (FILO)

Push-back Pallet Racking is a high-density, compact pallet racking system available from ISS Equipment Melbourne / Dandenong. Push-Back Racking offers excellent floor space utilisation by enabling storage of  up to 6 pallets in depth.

ISS Equipment supplies Push-Back Racking using trolley system with a single-sided loading and unloading area, at the front of the racking structure,  completely eliminating the need for aisles.

Similar to the shuttle system, pallets are placed on a trolley and pushed backwards using forklifts. The last pallet in sits on the rails itself. Once a pallet is removed, the trolleys move forward by means of gravity as the rail has an incline.

Push-back Pallet Racking not only maximises the floor space ROI through high density of storage but also provides high operational gains through the use of standard handling equipment and fast stock throughput.

As with Drive-In Racking, it is ideal for storing  large volumes of goods with the same SKU. Therefore, it makes an excellent solution for the storage of bulk products in distribution centres and warehouses where floorspace is at a premium and product selectivity is a lesser priority. This highly effective semi-automation provides all the benefits of alternative systems but with much lower price tag and higher reliability and durability. It can also be combined with other storage systems making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Push Back Racking System:

  • Ideal storage management solution for floor efficiency of  high volumes of same SKUs
  • 80% floor utilisation
  • Low pallet selectivity
  • FILO application
  • Fast picking rate

Best handling equipment: standard forklifts.

push back pallet racking

Racking Safety and Compliance

ISS Equipment provides 360-degree service for all Pallet Racking configurations. Our team will design, engineer and efficiently install your tailored solution. To ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your racking system, we also provide regular Racking Safety Inspections service as required by the relevant state and national regulations.

Push-back pallet racking is a high-density, compact racking system designed for efficient warehouse storage. It can store up to 6 pallets in depth, making it ideal for maximising space. Unlike other racking systems, it uses trolleys for single-sided loading and unloading. This system improves storage density and makes accessing and retrieving goods easier, increasing operational efficiency.

This pallet racking system is perfect for storing large quantities of items with the same SKU, making it an excellent solution for bulk product storage in distribution centres and warehouses with limited floor space.

Yes, pushback pallet racking can be combined with other storage systems to create a versatile and cost-effective solution. It can also be tailored to meet specific warehouse needs.

The weight and size limit of pallets depends on the specific design and engineering of the push back pallet racking system. It is important to consult with ISS Equipment to determine the best solution for your storage needs.

ISS Equipment provides comprehensive services including design, engineering, installation, and regular racking safety inspections to ensure ongoing compliance with state and national regulations, guaranteeing the safe and efficient use of push back pallet racking systems in any facility.

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