Sit-On Reach Forklifts Melbourne

Meet Our Range of Agile, Electric and Lithium-ion Powered Sit-on Reach Forklifts

The Sit On Reach forklifts in the ISS Equipment range excel at three things: fast travel, high lift capability and compact design for the highest performance and energy and space-saving efficiency, with uncompromising safety.

With clean electric engines, including the Lithium-ion battery powered Big Joe models, high stability and super-compact design, our selection of Sit On Reach forklifts is ideal for materials handling in small warehouses with tight spaces and narrow aisle racking applications of e-commerce warehouses, vertical warehouse design.


Why Sit-On Reach Forklifts Make An Attractive Option

Seated reach forklifts such as the Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck are specifically designed for optimal visibility and operator comfort for precision of operation and safe all-day performance. Sit-down reach forklifts reduce the operator fatigue, ensuring increased efficiency and safety. All this adds to higher productivity and cost savings.


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