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About us is an invitation to meet ISS Equipment. The best way to find out about us and why we are the most trusted supplier of electric forklifts and pallet racking is to visit our showroom and talk to us in person. And you can start by exploring our innovative forklift and racking products and warehouse solutions right here. Welcome to ISS Equipment!

ISS Equipment is an innovative Australian owned business built on over thirty years of expertise and experience in warehousing storage systems and materials handling equipment. Yet, as a decision-maker, the most important thing you want to know about ISS Equipment is whether we will make a good supplier for your business.

So, here are some facts and information to help you make your important decision.


ISS Equipment is a trusted supplier of complete warehouse racking and forklift solutions and a trading name of  Independent Storage Systems (ISS), a privately owned Australian company serving Australian businesses of all sizes since 1993.

With our modern headquarters in Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South, ISS Equipment is conveniently located for fast and efficient delivery of our products and services to our local, Melbourne metro and interstate customers.

We are a team of warehouse storage and materials handling specialists, passionate about making a difference to our busy customers, who are responsible for safely, efficiently and profitably storing and handling goods. We use a consultative process that guarantees that the storage design and handling equipment optimises current and growth needs, safety, traffic flow and the ultimate efficiency of your operations.

For over 30 years we have helped hundreds of our loyal customers to store, move, lift and access their value creating goods with great efficiency and always delivering great value. Our products are backed by a host of professional services and freely given advice to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

In 2022 we made a strategic decision to change the highly respected ISS ProRack brand, trusted by our customers for over 15 years, to ISS Equipment.

The name, ISS Equipment, marks the new milestone in the evolution of our innovative company and our customers’ needs. It reflects our focus and commitment to providing holistic warehousing storage and forklift solutions across key industries. We believe this approach will deliver the new era of efficiency and success for our current and future customers.

ISS Equipment - About us


Global competition has changed the way business is done today, especially in the fast-paced warehousing and materials handling sector. It is now all about saving time, saving cost and better quality of life for people in business. Therefore, your warehouse or 3PL operation needs a partner who has the knowledge to connect the new dots and give you competitive solutions.

We know commercial and industrial storage business inside out and we realise that in order to deliver smart solutions that will improve your storage capacity, efficiency and the bottom line, a good supplier must have full expertise in both racking design, installation and safety and forklift products and servicing.

The advantage we bring to our customers’ businesses is our deep understanding of both, forklifts and storage systems. This unique dual expertise enables us to provide solid advice that makes a real difference to our customers’ choices and outcomes.


Our Customers’ and our own success is driven by our deeply embedded values that stem from our Leaders. These values underpin the selection, delivery and commitment to our product and solutions to doing the right thing by our customers, our business and our community.

  • Safety First
  • Sense of Urgency
  • No Disruption to our Client’s Business
  • Transparent Client Communication
  • Pursuit of Customer-Centric Innovation


Independent Storage Systems (ISS) was established in 1993, but our 30-year-plus history is made fresh every day. Our journey is a progression of customer-focused innovation and transformation, in a bid to provide our customers with new solutions that complement and enhance their business.

In 2003 we partnered with OTL Systems to bring to Australian businesses the best quality and value palletised racking system. And, to show our commitment, we created a brand ISS ProRack, which has become  the industry standard for pallet racking in Melbourne – and across Australia.

From the very beginning our Founder saw the benefits of electric forklifts and we have selectively partnered with leaders in electric technology. Hence, in 2015 we partnered with Nichiyu as the global leader and pioneer in electric forklift technology. In constant pursuit of clean technologies, in 2018 we brought on board Big Joe forklifts, the global leader in Lithium-Ion (Lion) forklift technology.

ISS Equipment is latest Brand evolution of our trusted company, Independent Storage Systems (ISS), as a strategic decision to officially bring our commitment to Forklift and Storage as the only one right approach to give our customers the edge they need to succeed in this decade.

This journey, our loyal customers have been sharing with us for nearly 30 years, is inspired by inevitable change and new ways of doing business. Work with us!

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