Big Joe Forklifts Melbourne

Big Joe Forklifts Melbourne

ISS Equipment is a leading supplier, and an approved dealer of Big Joe forklifts in Melbourne & Victoria, having helped bring new Big Joe trucks with their innovative li-ion technology to Australia.

If the industries you serve, or, if your customers are in an industry with the compliance requirement to operate in super-clean environment, then no other brand comes close to the clean power of electric and Lithium-ion technology from Big Joe.

LIST, Lithium integrated smart trucks

Big Joe Forklifts share the same values as ISS Equipment for reliability, focus on quality and building partnerships with our customers.

BigJoe Forklifts and ISS Equipment have a full commitment to helping you succeed. We do this through our better, smarter equipment, our service support and technology leadership that contributes to your environmental compliance and being a better corporate citizen.



Big Joe Forklifts

Why the quality of Big Joe forklifts matters

Quality of a product is not just the reliability. For Big Joe reliability of its well-built equipment is a given. It’s the rest of what quality means to you that makes the difference:

  • Leading Lithium-ion forklift battery technology – long lasting cycles, fast recharge, easy exchange with minimum disruptions and down-time.
  • Physical Design – that meets the changing warehousing and logistics business environment – tighter spaces requiring smaller, more maneuverable equipment, and the growing eStore sector with consumer deliveries, requiring on-truck lifting equipment.
  • Environmental Compliance – consumers want to know that the products they consume, touch and bring into their homes, has originated in a clean environment.
  • Safety Focus – from small access vehicles replacing dangerous ladders, to super ergonomic walkie stackers, safety drives innovation at Big Joe (and ISS).
  • The New Workforce – Big Joe innovation supports the needs of a changing workforce: more gender and age diversity requires more ergonomic and easier to operate equipment.

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Whether you need to Move, Stack or Access goods, Big Joe electric forklifts have been setting the standard of quality for over 60 years in factories, warehouses, DCs and storerooms across the USA and around the world.

The longevity and international success of Big Joe electric trucks is the tangible proof of the quality of the product. Big Joe forklifts, just like our other preferred brand, Nichiju electric forklifts, are built to last and consistently deliver new technology.

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