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ISS Equipment is a trusted supplier of Longspan Shelving in Melbourne / Dandenong. Longspan Shelving, also known as Longspan Racking, is an economical and versatile warehouse storage system for non-palletised goods. Long span shelving is similar in construction to light adjustable pallet racking (APR). However, it is designed for goods that are not stored on pallets and can be handled without pallet-lifting forklifts.

Longspan Shelving Melbourne

Longspan Shelving and racking is suitable for goods ranging from the smallest components to large and awkward items. Longspan is ideal for automotive components, pharmaceutical, electronic and archival product storage.

The ISS Equipment Longspan Shelving can be easily configured to suit low level hand loading to high-rise, multi-tier applications that will require assistance of specialist picking equipment.

For companies in Melbourne & Dandenong, longspan shelving and racking is the ideal solution to their storage requirements, with its modular design, and fast and easy assembly longspan shelving and racking delivers maximum possible space utilisation in your storage facility. Longspan beams are stepped enabling shelf inserts to fit flush with beams. Our shelf options include particle board, timber, steel and mesh.

Longspan Shelving Systems Melbourne

Longspan Shelving Systems for any industry

Longspan Shelving, with its flexibility and a range of shelf finishes, has wide applications across a range of industries, including:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Supermarkets
  • Libraries
  • Museums and archives
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality and hotels.

ISS Equipment provides high quality Longspan Shelving Systems that are available in a range of specifications. Choose from various frame heights, frame depths and beam lengths. At ISS ProRack we’re dedicated to helping our clients find the best storage solutions for them. We use our extensive experience and extensive industry knowledge to offer expert guidance and advice. If you’d like to know more about our Longspan shelving systems, please contact us today: 134 234.

Our standard Longspan Shelving sizes

The additional height of 2100mm, additional depth of 1200mm and 900mm beam length are no longer available.

Longspan shelving and racking benefits

When you choose ISS Equipment Longspan Shelving, you will gain:

  • Robust, durable shelving system.
  • Incredibly versatile storage system for a wide range of products and materials.
  • Highly modular.
  • Shelves come with wire mesh or timber finishes to suit your stock or personal preference.
  • If you are in Retail, Longspan is a great alternative to retail display units.
  • Simple to install. No tools required! 

Are you getting the best performance and storage efficiency from your warehouse?

Talk to order or discuss: 134 234.

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