Racking & Shelving

Carpet and Coil Racking

ISS Equipment is a trusted supplier of Pallet Racking with expertise to deliver custom-designed configurations of   to meet diverse needs of the industries we serve.

This includes these Specialist Racking Solutions:

  • Coil Racking Systems
  • Carpet Racking Systems


Industrial Coil Racking storage utilises  structures with special supports to make handling and the management of coiled products easy,  efficient and safe.

Coil Racking has wide application in many industries that produce or utilise materials rolled in coils, e.g.:

  • Cable
  • Rope
  • Cloth
  • Continuous Carpets
  • Paper
  • And more.

Using adjustable pallet racking makes storage of  industrial coil highly versatile and flexible, ad  complements other storage systems.

Our team at ISS Equipment will custom design your specific system to accommodate your product range for optimum productivity and safety.


Carpet Roll Racking utilises  structures custom-designed to make handling carpets safe, easy and efficient. ISS Equipment will design your specific system to accommodate your product range for optimum productivity.

Carpet Racking from ISS Equipment significantly improves safety and ease of handling for both people and the products itself.  Our Carpet Racking system is built using the robust and Australian Standards approved pallet racking frameworks from our Brand, OTL Systems.

This ensures that you gain the most cost-effective storage system, that is quick to assemble, adjustable and scalable. It also enables product handling using standard forklifts.

Racking Safety and Compliance

ISS Equipment provides 360-degree service for all Pallet Racking configurations. Our team will design, engineer and efficiently install your tailored solution. To ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your racking system, we also provide regular Racking Safety Inspections service as required by the relevant state and national regulations.

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