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Flameproof Forklifts and forklift flameproofing services

Looking for a specialist supplier of flameproof forklifts? ISS Equipment is the leading specialist supplier of flameproof forklifts for sale and hire in Melbourne / Dandenong in line with our core promise, “safety first”. Flameproofing forklifts is one of the specialist forklift services provided by ISS Equipment.

Electric forklift leadership of our key brands, Nichiyu and Big Joe Forklifts, enables us to flameproof the most popular and versatile forklift models from our extensive range of 3-wheel and 4-wheel counterbalance forklifts and stand-on and sit-down reach forklifts.

As the emphasis on total quality and safety increasingly becomes a matter of business reputation, companies using forklifts in hazardous environments must ensure these vehicles and their operators are safe. Flameproofed forklifts are required in areas where explosive gas or vapor mixtures exist.

This includes industries such as food manufacturing, paint and other petrochemical products’ manufacturing, storage and handling. Equally important is flameproofing forklifts in operations where flammable or combustible materials are stored, such as grain storage areas and polymer handling.

Our qualified and trained engineering team have over 30 years of specialised experience in providing forklifts for Dangerous & Hazardous Goods environments, including forklift flameproofing. Leveraging local engineering qualifications and industry standards, ISS Equipment is your unquestionable destination for Flameproof Forklifts.

Most importantly, our team of forklift sales and service specialists will provide you with sound advice and the time you need to understand your options and to optimise your facility performance and investment.

Flameproof Reach Forklifts

Nichiyu Stand-on Reach Truck FBR25
Nichiyu Reach Forklift Range Stand-On
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Nichiyu Sit-On Reach Truck FBRF14
Nichiyu Reach Forklift Range Sit-On
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Nichiyu Counterbalance Forklift 3 Wheel FBT18
Nichiyu 3-Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Range
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Nichiyu 4W Counterbalance Forklift
Nichiyu 4-Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Range
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Electric forklifts have long been recognised as a safer alternative to engine operated forklifts. This makes them ideal materials handling equipment to work in Dangerous & Hazardous Goods areas.

Many companies previously operating Internal Combustion (Diesel) flameproof forklifts have made the switch to a much cleaner Battery Electric and have never looked back.

Flameproof forklifts are not specifically manufactured. Instead, companies operating forklifts, select from the most suitable existing models of counterbalance trucks, pallet trucks, VNA and reach trucks to be converted to a flameproofed version to gain the benefits of the very latest technology.


ISS have a full range of Nichiyu models available in both ZONE 1 & ZONE 2 Classification.

  • Hazardous Ares Zone 1 & 2(Category 2G & 3G)
  • Hazardous Area Zone 2: (Category 3G)
  • Australian standard AS 2359.12 and AS 1915.


While electric forklifts are really the safest option for flameproofing for hazardous environment, there are more benefits for your company to embrace the more advanced, clean electric forklift technologies.

These benefits will take your business gains well  beyond safety:

  • Cheaper running and maintenance costs
  • Zero exhaust emissions equals a cleaner operation
  • No on-site fuel storage required
  • User-friendly and easy to operate equipment

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