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Big Joe SMRT20L Seated Reach Forklift

Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck



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The Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck

Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach ForkliftThe Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck is a seated reach forklift, designed for optimal visibility and precision of operation. Built with high stability and Li-ion Technology, SMRT20L delivers increased efficiency, cost savings and an easy and enjoyable operator experience. With opportunity charging of the Li-ion maintenance free battery, the SMRT20L delivers a non-stop, all-day performance, boosting your productivity and savings.

The SMRT20L boosts stacking efficiency by 50%, reduces operational noise by 10 dB and the energy consumption by 30%.

The benefits of the SMRT20L reach truck include:

  • Lasting performance
  • Improved operator safety with optimal visibility and high stability
  • Enjoyable lifting operation with advanced controls and lifting speed
  • Enhanced ergonomics of a seated reach truck with at-a-glance LCD display and operator controls
  • 360Ah Li-ion Battery
  • 150A Charger
  • 550mm/s Lifting Speed
  • 9.3km/h Driving Speed

Request the DEMO today: 134 234. Download Brochure above for full specifications.

Big Joe Electric Reach Truck SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck Electric Reach Truck

Big Joe SMRT20L Electric Reach Truck

The Big Joe SMRT20L Lithium reach forklift truck delivers the next level performance in narrow aisles and tight spaces, featuring:

  • Optimal visibility
  • High stability
  • Enjoyable lifting operation
  • Easy and precise operation

Optimal visibility

A much more compact li-ion battery comes with better visibility for SMRT20L. Along with the offset layout of the oil tubes, SMRT20L stacking visibility and operation flexibility are greatly improved.

Lithium-ion technology

SMRT20L is powered by a maintenance-free 48V/360Ah Li-Ion battery. Along with the opportunity charging capability, li-Ion batteries have much faster charging times than lead-acid batteries. BMS, based on CANBUS system, allows battery cells communicate among each other to deliver powerful performance at all times.

Enjoyable lifting operations

SMRT20L offers powerful performance and quiet operations through the upgraded hydraulic pumps and powerful lifting motors. (20 kw for SMRT20L.) The upgraded technology greatly boosts stacking efficiency by 50%, reduces operational noise by 10 dB and the energy consumption by 30%.

Easy and precise operations

SMRT20L is equipped with an mechanic height indicator, that tells operators the correct height of the fork at various rack levels for precise operations to improve the stacking efficiency.

High stability

The low center of gravity and the newly I-beam mast design enhance the truck stability. The maximum lifting height of SMRT20L is 12000mm.

Electric Power Steering

SMRT20L comes with full AC motors and electric power steering system that consumes less power compared to hydraulic power steering while keeps operation habits of trucks with mechanical steering through the additional damping force. So SMRT20L gives more working hours than ones with hydraulic power steering.

Full-color Display

SMRT20L is designed with a color display to help operators easily monitor battery charge level, driving speed, and check error codes.

6000K Led Light

SMRT20L is equipped with 6000K led lights to cope with the dark environment for optimal visibility.

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