Advantages of Buying Used Electric Forklifts

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Electric fork lifts are considered to be among the smartest options for different handling and lifting needs. First, they are more cost-effective than their counterparts since they virtually eliminate fuel costs, as well as related maintenance needs like engine transmission oil and filter changes. They also last longer than internal combustion forklifts, with some models lasting more than 15, 000 hours. When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, electric forklifts score better, too; they have less tailpipe emissions. And where productivity is concerned, they are a gem: they can accommodate directional changes, they have faster acceleration, and there is a lesser need for foot movements by the operator.

The advantages are many and varied, for certain, and one can argue that one of the few considerable disadvantages is their initial cost. Brand new electric fork lifts usually fetch a pretty price, compared to their other counterparts. Fortunately, your operation can cash in on the offered functionality of this type of forklift while working within a budget with used electric fork lifts.

Interested in one? Here are some of the best reasons why the investment is worth it.

Lowered Price

One of the most obvious benefits of buying used electric forklifts over brand new models are the price savings. Some brand new models can run up to around $13, 000, while used ones can cost as low as $2,000. They are ideal for facilities that are just starting out, are working with a budget, or do not require a brand new model for their applications.

Availability of Parts

It is also convenient to find parts that may need repair or modifications, for your used forklifts. There are suppliers that provide original equipment manufacturer-quality results for a wide suite of solutions, including maintenance and repair.


Finally, used electric forklifts rental are more suited to industrial operations that function on a project-to-project basis. If your lifting and handling needs do not make up a major part of your operations, buying a brand new model may be a costly investment that will take longer to pay back its initial cost.

The key thing to remember when buying a used electric fork lift is to choose the right supplier. At Nichiyu, we make sure that our clients are treated to our extensive product knowledge, so they can find the right forklift for their specific needs. We also provide repair and maintenance services. Visit our website and browse through our catalog of quality used forklifts on

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