Big Joe Walkie Pallet Truck WPT45

Big Joe Walkie Pallet Truck WPT45



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The WPT45 Lithium Walkie Pallet Truck is a low-cost motorised pallet jack ideal for improving productivity and efficiency in crowded loading docks, work cells and congested aisles. The 24-vold ZAPI travel controller with matching control drive provide high performance across the speed range.

Lithium battery with opportunity charging capability ensures that your WPT45 can work all day long. Lifting goods up to 2000kg to the height of 216mm, WPT45 Walkie Pallet Truck is easy to operate with its advanced hydraulics for smooth and efficient lifting.

WPT45 Lithium Walkie Pallet Truck features:

  • State of the art optimised gear technology delivers advantage of: minimal envelope circle, zero maintenance, low noise level, high efficiency and high performance.
  • Travel, lift and lower functions located in the ergonomic operator handle.
  • Designed for operation with either hand, all controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle.
  • Low mounted tiller offers high operator comfort and minimum steering effort.
  • Gas assisted spring handle gently returns handle to vertical position.
  • Separately fused power controls: hour meter, BDI and lift lockout and quick disconnect EPD power cut-off.

Optional Equipment available for WPT45 Walkie Pallet Truck:

  • Cold conditioning
  • Rubber lug drive tire
  • Poly traction tire
  • Fork entry rollers
  • Load back rest – 1220mm
  • Stability casters
  • 210AH Lithium battery 100A charger
  • 206mm battery compartment

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