Nichiyu Multi Directional Reach Truck FBRO25

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Nichiyu Multi-Directional Reach Truck FBRO25

The NICHIYU Multi -directional Stand-on Reach Truck, the FBRO25 MULTI series is the ultimate solution space and energy-saving efficiency. With 360 degree capability and a push-button control of several multi-directional travel modes and the energy controlling ECO mode setting, the FBRO series delivers outstanding manoeuvrability and reduces daily electricity consumption by 15%.

Equipped with SICOS-AC control system, powered by the NICHIYU-pioneered AC motor technology, MULTI delivers superior performance in terms of acceleration, traveling and lifting speed.

NICHIYU developed Japan’s first electric reach forklift in 1939. Nicknamed “Platter” for its ability to handle cargo on railway platforms and inside freighters, Platter became synonymous with the reach forklift truck in Japan and SEA. Today’s advanced design of NICHIYU FBRO reach trucks helps our customers reduce electricity consumption by 15%.
Designed with focus on human and environmental factors, the FBRO series forklifts provide stress-free working conditions, improving well-being and productivity of operators.

With seven models to choose from, the FBRO reach forklifts are guaranteed to meet your specific operational requirements. Talk to, our experienced forklift sales and service team about purchase, hire or forklift service support to help you achieve your business goals.


  • 5% saving in electricity use -Powerful AC motor technology
  • SICOS-AC control system
  • Smooth acceleration and lifting
  • Top-class travel and lifting speed
  • Small turn radius
  • Failure self-diagnosis display
  • Multiple energy saving functions

  • Low noise level
  • Enhanced operator ergonomics
  • Driver posture-enhancing features
  • Fatigue-reducing waist pad
  • Glove compartment
  • Flat document panel
  • Stress-free smooth travel & lifting
  • Maximum forward vision

  • Stability: Automatic suspension
  • Automatic power-off
  • Neutral safety function
  • Operation Interlock System
  • Safety cruise
  • Presence-switch pedal

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