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The NICHIYU FBT Counterbalance 3-Wheel electric forklift series is designed for agility and efficiency. With extra stability features for enhanced safety, this highly versatile and dependable forklift can operate indoors and outdoors, in almost any weather, handling a variety of duties including loading and unloading goods, line feeding, stacking, order picking and horizontal transport.

The NICHIYU-pioneered AC electric motor technology guarantees powerful yet smooth operation and reduced power consumption by up 60%. Equipped with advanced NICHIYU SICOS-AC Control System, the FBT series is designed for environments where space-saving, smooth operation, safety and eco-friendly principles are critical – where traditional engine forklifts cannot operate. This makes NICHIYU FBT 3-wheel counterbalance electric forklifts are an ideal choice for applications from cold storage, food and beverage manufacturing and general wholesale to chemical, textile, rubber and much more.

If your company is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] principles and needs to meet increasingly stricter compliance – join our Lithium-Ion forklift revolution and talk to us about NICHIYU-LI range of 3-wheel counterbalance forklifts.
A choice of ten NICHIYU FBT forklift models guarantees to accommodate the most specific requirements, without investing more than is absolutely necessary.

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The FBT Series of Counterbalance Forklift is designed with focus on real benefits for business performance, operator ergonomics and comfort and safety.

  • Powerful AC motor
  • Smooth acceleration and descending
  • Small turning radius
  • 66% lower power consumption
  • Electric power steering
  • Multifunctional display
  • Easy boarding: low, wide step
  • Seat suspension
  • Spacious legroom
  • Easy-to-read illuminated display
  • Maximum forward vision
  • Increased head clearance
  • Parking break alert
  • Safety cruise
  • Operation Interlock System
  • Emergency stop button

Optional safety accessories

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