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LVE40 Electric Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T

Big Joe LVE40 Li-ion Counterbalance Forklift 2T



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Big Joe LVE40 Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T


The Big Joe LVE40 3W Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T is a versatile, Lithium-ion powered truck. It is the next generation of Big Joe’s premium class, designed to further boost operational productivity and driving comfort.

LVE40 extends the modern and streamlined appearance of L-series which was honored by the Red Dot Design Award. This truck also inherits Big Joe in-house 48V/360Ah lithium technology, 5.4kW*2 dual drive technology and mature components, delivering powerful and constant performance to various transportation needs.

Designed with users in mind, LVE40 improves ergonomics to amplify operator driving comfort with pedal adjustment. The operator compartment also optimizes driving experience and reduces operators’ distractions through the integrated design of the operator interface components.

Standard configuration

  • Fork dimension: 122 x 40 x 1070
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • 2W3M Mast
  • 48V/360Ah Li-ion battery
  • 48V/50A integrated charger
  • Battery indicator with time
  • Premium seat
  • LED front lamp
  • Warning lamp
  • Steering lamp
  • Rearview mirror
  • OPS system


LVE40, as a high-end Li-ion forklift truck, is suitable for a great variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as large warehouses, docks, side bay lorry and logistics centers. It continues to deliver strong performance and boost productivity with its Li-ion heart and dual drive units.



LVE40 Li-ion Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T – Features

Why LVE40 Li-ion Counterbalance Forklift ?

Counterbalance Forklift Truck Melbourne

  • Optimised truck frame for cabin installation and detachment
  • Electromagnetic joystick – available for premium needs
  • Larger legroom to maximise driving comfort
  • Powerful and constant working performance through opportunity charging
  • New comprehensive LCD operator display.

Mechanical steering system with better human-vehicle interaction

The LVE40 Li-ion Counterbalance Forklift adopts the mechanical steering system, and this achieves more precise and responsive operation, which demonstrates better human-vehicle interaction. Plus, the mechanical steering system comes with a simple and reliable structure with lower maintenance costs.

Melbourne Counterbalance ForkliftsElectromagnetic joystick available for premium needs

For premium material handling, the electromagnetic joystick is available as an option which puts operation experience and productivity at the forefront. The joystick houses all controls of the truck and the operators are allowed to perform all functions in a palm-sized place with utmost precision.




Lithium Ion ForkliftsLarger legroom to amplify driving comfort

The integrated design of the operator compartment is intended to create a larger operational space to improve ergonomics to reduce operator work-related health issues, as well as to improve operational efficiency.




Lithium Ion Forklifts MelbournePowerful and constant working performance

The 48V/360Ah lithium battery with opportunity charging and 5.4kW*2 dual drive motors guarantee the LVE40 operate at full power at all times with a permanently high performance. It comes with a 48V/50A integrated charger as standard for charging convenience and 48V/100A and 48V/200A external chargers available as options to better fit in your needs.



Lithium ForkliftsOptimized truck frame for cabin installation and detachment

LVE40 features the streamlined design as the L2 series and an optimized one-piece truck frame, which is easy for cabin installation as well as detachment.



Counterbalance ForkliftsNew informative LCD display

LVE40 provides the high-resolution LCD display which is installed at the upper right corner of the cabin. Via a glance, the operator is able to find speed, working hours, battery status ,miles driven and parking status. This informative and intuitive display ensures relaxed and safe working.



Market-proven components

LVE40 is equipped with mature components, offering high stability and endurance.


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