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Big Joe L15 Counterbalance Forklifts L-series

Big Joe L15 Counterbalance Forklifts L-series



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The Big Joe L15 Overview

The Big Joe L15 electric 4-Wheel Counterbalance forklift, is an exceptional model in the innovative L-series, boasting highly compact body for great maneuverability. The Big Joe L15 lithium counterbalance forklift is fast transforming materials handling. With clean power and low-cost performance, the L15 will eliminate internal combustion trucks, revolutionizing operations across a broad number of industries.

Available from ISS Equipment for sale and hire, the L-Series of counterbalance forklift is the contemporary answer to productivity and performance while also significantly minimising your environmental footprint. With the Li-ion technology and an onboard charger, the L-Series forklifts use opportunity charging at any standard power outlet, delivering non-stop operation all day long.

This alone makes the L-Series counterbalance the most versatile truck on the market. The L15 counterbalance forklift in particular, with a lift capacity to 1500kg, to 4800mm, makes an unbeatable, compact powerhouse, and effectively replaces larger and more cumbersome models of electric counterbalance forklifts.

The L15  leverages AC technology for heavy-duty applications, also minimising service requirements and allowing higher travel speeds up to 9km/h. Neutral braking feature eliminates roll-back.

The side hand rails considerably enhance operator comfort in a reverse driving position. And the large reversing mirror increase operation efficiency. Ergonomic, spacious cab, hydrostatic power steering, with adjustable steering column, and adjustable suspension seat, make the L15 counterbalance forklifts favourite with operators. While wide view mast, low scuttle and height seating position, provide the operator with excellent view, and contribute to the L-series’ safety for people and products.

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The Big Joe L15 Features

The Big Joe L-series of  4-Wheel Counterbalance forklifts comes with safety- and ergonomics-focused Standard Equipment:

  • Clean Li-ion power
  • Low-cost operation
  • On-board charger, providing opportunity charging
  • Headlights and brake lights
  • Side shift for added productivity
  • Yellow flashing light
  • Solid pneumatic tyres
  • Dual steer tyre
  • Ergonomic operator compartment
  • Side hand-rail enhances operator comfort in reverse driving position.

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