Big Joe 4-Wheel Counterbalance Forklift L-series



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The Big Joe 4-Wheel Counterbalance forklift L-series, comprising Two models L15 and L18, is available from ISS Equipment for sale and rental. The L-Series counterbalance forklift is the new answer to productivity and performance while further minimising your environmental footprint. With the Li-ion technology and an onboard charger, the L-Series forklifts use opportunity charging at any standard power outlet, delivering non-stop operation all day long. This alone makes the L-Series counterbalance the most versatile truck you can find on the market.

The two models, L15 and L18, leverage AC technology for heavy-duty applications, also minimising service requirements and allowing higher travel speeds up to 9km/h. Neutral braking feature eliminates roll-back.

Ergonomic cab, power steering, adjustable steering column, suspension seat and hydraulic controls make both L15 and L18 counterbalance forklift a favourite with operators. While wide view mast, low scuttle and height seating position, providing the operator with excellent view, contribute to the L-series’ safety for people and products.

The 4-Wheel Counterbalance forklift L-series comes with safety- and ergonomics-focused Standard Equipment:

  • Headlights and brake lights
  • Yellow flashing light
  • Solid pneumatic tires
  • Dual steer tire
  • Ergonomic operator compartment

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