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Global competition has changed the way business is done today, and especially in the fast-paced warehousing and materials handling industries. To keep up with the accelerating change and to provide our Customers with ongoing competitive products and advice, ISS Equipment strategically partners with like-minded market leaders.

As the needs of our customers are constantly changing, we navigate the change by adopting new trends and building strong Partnerships with our Customers and Suppliers.

Discover our Product Partners:

  • OTL Systems – racking systems leadership
  • Nichiyu – global leader and pioneer in electric forklift technology
  • Big Joe – innovation in Lithium-ion forklift technology


ISS ProRack is a registered business and a registered Trademark name and a flagship brand of Independent Storage Systems, ISS. ISS is an innovative Australian owned company, built on over 30 years of experience in warehousing and materials handling.

We know storage inside out and delivering smart solutions that improve storage capacity, efficiency and the bottom line for our customers, is in our DNA.

This is why nearly 20 years ago our leaders decided that Australian small businesses should not have to pay premium for racking storage. And neither should larger businesses who have equal pressure to maximise their profits.

ISSP Office

After conducting extensive market research, we partnered with an innovative leader in pallet racking manufacturing, OTL Systems, to exclusively supply their internationally acclaimed products in Australia.

ISS ProRack has become one of the first racking storage suppliers in Australia to provide the much needed market option.

ISS ProRack also became the first industrial storage supplier in Australia to revolutionise warehousing operations through holistic approach to goods storage and handling equipment solutions.

Now, ISS Equipment officially endorses this leadership as an umbrella brand for ISS ProRack and our other customer-centric business solutions.


For Pallet Racking you can’t go past the unprecedented blend of German design, economic manufacturing and Australia quality standards.

Choices are now abundant in every product category, including racking and storage systems. As a professional in Warehousing industry, YOU know that there are few physical differences between most racking systems these days.

ISS is an innovative Australian owned business built on over 50 years of experience in warehousing and materials handling. We know storage inside out and deliver smart solutions that will improve your storage capacity, efficiency and the bottom line.

This is why we decided that Australian small businesses, nor larger businesses who have an equal pressure to maximise profits, should not have to pay premium for racking storage.

We partnered with OTL Systems.


With technical assistance from Fritz Schaefer of Germany, Oriental Technology Limited (OTL) established production facilities and R&D for industrial and commercial storage systems in 1996 on mainland China and Hong Kong. OTL Systems are utilised both in China and exported all over the world.

OTL Systems pallet racking from ISS Equipment complies with Australian Standards, has the ISO9001 international quality certification and can be made to almost any size. OTL System is a preferred choice in warehouse storage across all industries across the globe.

It combines German quality design, Australian technology and low manufacturing cost.

No matter what your storage requirements may be, You are in good company!

Our dedicated professional Team at ISS Equipment are waiting for your call.

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Electric forklifts are an excellent option for any business but few forklift brands can claim the same pedigree in electric forklift technology as NICHIYU.

Since developing the first electric-battery-powered forklift, the Platter, in Japan more than 70 years ago, Nichiyu Forklifts has regularly introduced lift truck innovations

Nichiyu Forklift Trucks designed to be environmentally friendly by providing energy saving machinery and equipment that limits carbon dioxide emissions.

Nichiyu stands for reliability and masterful engineering. It is an equivalent of Mercedes-Benz in forklifts. When you invest in a Nichiyu forklift you invest in an imperative to save and make money.

Explore the Nichiyu range of forklifts here.

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If your industry or your customer’s industry has the imperative to operate in super-clean environment, then no other brand comes close  to the clean power of Lithium-ion technology from Big Joe.

As a business Brand, Big Joe shares the same values as ISS Equipment when it comes to building strong partnerships. This, together with Big Joe’s Lithium technology leadership make us build this partnership and make it work.


Big Joe electric forklifts have been the standard of quality for over 60 years in factories, warehouses, DCs and storerooms across the USA and around the world.

Big Joe walkie stackers, pallet trucks, and access vehicles are well known for their rugged, easy to use designs that provide a low-cost alternative to traditional sit-down forklifts.

Since 2009 Big Joe as a brand has become an integral part of Big Lift LLC company and is uniquely positioned to develop many improvements to its product offering and product support capabilities.

From improving worker safety to doubling the order picking productivity in a parts warehouse, Big Joe products deliver incredible value day-in and day-out.

The best way to think about Big Joe products as part of your business needs is to think in terms of how you want to MOVE, STACK, or ACCESS materials better in your facility.

ISS Equipment is your Big Joe specialist in Australia. Talk to us about your requirements to MOVE, STACK, or ACCESS materials with clean Lithium or Electric power.

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